Apollo Orthotics

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Like every small business, we started in our basement. My father and I grew this business from the ground up; with his expertise and my attention to details, we are proud to present to you the highest quality orthotics.
— Caleb L.

The Idea

We took what worked, and fine tuned it beyond industry standards. CNC milling custom orthotics provides the highest quality of tolerances and least amount of human error. There were 3 companies we knew of offering CAD/CAM CNC milling systems, and we made sure to choose the one that offered the highest system servicing. 


Style & Quality

We know you can choose from dozens of custom orthotic companies. We set ourselves apart by meticulously being obsessive over fit and finish. We are representing you and your practice. We take that into mind and provide not only the most precise cut orthotics, but the best looking as well.


100% made in USA

The machine needs someone to tell it what to do. Setting reference points and measuring heel widths, to arch heights and ensuring consistent results require a human touch. The actual finishing is done in house, just 50 feet from where they are cut. By keeping all production under the same roof, we can keep the highest tolerances.