Apollo Orthotics


Standing on sand, jumping on clouds, walking on the moon; the comforter is our device to recommend for those who want maximum comfort. This orthotic replaces the extrinsic posting for intrinsic, and allows for maximum range of motion during all phases of one's gait.

High Density Homopolymer Polypropylene Plastic (heat/corrosion resistant)
2.5-4.5mm plastic thickness; flexible to Very Rigid depending on weight/preference
Intrinsic Post
0.1mm Heel Plastic Thickness
14-15mm Heel Cup Depth
Available Top Cover: Neoprene, High Grain Faux Leather
Available Additions: mortons extension, 1st ray cutout, 1 mpj cutout, heel spur cutout, fifth mpj cutout, forefoot/rearfoot medial flange, varus/valgus instrinsic pos ng, all pads included, etc.