Apollo Orthotics

Sport Nimble


In order to offer the best of both the sport and our model, we designed our hybrid orthotic called the Sport Nimble. Our sport nimble offers the space saving design of our model, while offering the benefits of an extrinsic post of the sport for confidence in any gait. This orthotic is highly recommended for sports that require tighter footwear.

High Density Homopolymer Polypropylene Plastic (heat/corrosion resistant)
2.5-4.5mm plastic thickness; flexible to Very Rigid depending on weight/preference Extrinsic Post
0.1mm Heel Plastic Thickness
6-8mm Heel Cup Depth
Available Top Cover: Neoprene, High Grain Faux Leather
Available Additions: mortons extension, 1st ray cutout, 1 mpj cutout, heel spur cutout, fifth mpj cutout, forefoot/rearfoot medial flange, varus/valgus instrinsic posting, all pads included, etc.