Apollo Orthotics



Our Support orthotic line is our most functional design. It takes all the specifications of the sport and increases them. The heel cup is deepened from 14mm to 16-18mm for a more full heel/rearfoot control, and our plastic thickness is calculated by a steeper linear equation, starting from 3mm to our maximum 4.8mm for the most functional and rigid device your pa ent will ever need.

High Density Homopolymer Polypropylene Plas c (heat/corrosion resistant) 3mm-4.8mm plastic thickness; semi-rigid to very rigid depending on weight
Extrinsic Post
16-18 mm Heel Cup Depth
Available Top Cover: Neoprene
Available Additions: mortons extension, 1st ray cutout, 1 mpj cutout, heel spur cutout, fithh mpj cutout, forefoot/rearfoot medial flange, varus/valgus instrinsic pos ng, all pads included, etc.